As regards leather, fabrics, metal accessories
and all other materials, we are always looking
for the highest quality. We invest further in the
constant study and application of an exclusive
manufacturing of the leather and the other
fabrics used, as well as in new nylon colouring
solutions and new metal garnitures.
This spirit of always looking for the best materials
and accessories is one of our most outstanding


Ever since its founding Felisi has exclusively
utilised natural leathers that have been
manufactured according to traditional methods
such as natural tanning, an antique
methodology still safeguarded only by a very
small number of traditional tanneries. The thus
obtained exclusive leather changes its aspect
over time without altering its original beauty.


In 1992 Felisi presented its first model
characterised by a combination of nylon and
The contrast between the lustrous nylon and
the natural leather has completely reversed
the concept of the nylon bag, which until now
has been considered a low-cost item.
Following this development, Felisi has created
a whole new type of classy-casual bag,
available in a wide range of colours.
These products have become trendsetters until
today and are strongly representing the brand's

Metal accessories

Another top priority is the use of high quality
metal accessories that are personalised
through traditional brass moulding procedures.
This allows Felisi to create a great selection
of metal accessories at its disposal.
The dim shine of brass, which evolves
its character throughout use just like leather,
creates a special bond between
the product and its owner.